Brush Up On Proper Brushing For Kids

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Parent should brush their children’s teeth until the child has enough manual dexterity to do a good job on their own. Our experience at Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno is that age six or seven is about right.

When that day finally arrives, you want to be sure your youngster is, in fact, doing a good job. There are things you can do to help manage the learning curve.

Set the right example. Kids learn from observing, and they see just about everything. When they’re little, parents are their most important role model. Make sure they see you brushing your teeth (and flossing, too) and that they understand just how much importance you place on it.

Toothpaste isn’t everything. We recommend using a fluoridated toothpaste – one with the Americn Dental Association label on the tube. Fluoride helps to build strong teeth, but it’s not essential to use it every single time you brush. Sometimes kids just can’t stand the taste. If their rebel against brushing because they don’t like toothpaste, no matter how many different brands you try, don’t make it a deal-breaker. They’ll have to get used to it sooner or later. But when they’re young, the most important thing is to get them in the habit of brushing.

If getting them into a routine is difficult, try a rewards system. If they brush every day for a week, they get to stay up an extra half-hour on Friday night, or get an extra half-hour or so playing video games.

At Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno we want to see all our young patients get started on the road to a lifetime of good dental health. Along with our family dentistry, proper brushing every day is an essential first step! People from Medera, Selma, and Oakhurst trust us with their children’s dental health care. Our services also include cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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