Is Sedation Dentistry In Fresno Right For You?

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When you think about going to a dental appointment, does it send you into a cold sweat? If this is true, you may suffer from a common phobia of the dentist. You probably know, however, that if you don’t go, you are liable to wake up in the middle of the night with intense dental pain. Most patients qualify for sedation dentistry.

There are, however, some concerns that your sedation dentist in Fresno will have, and you should be sure to discuss this topic with Dr. Art Mirelez. Some of the benefits are amnesia of the procedure, less trauma, and a quicker treatment time.

Here are some common reasons that patients seek sedation dentistry:

Dental fear or anxiety
Sore jaw muscles
Sensitive gag reflex
Difficulty numbing with local anesthetic
Back or neck pain
Pain sensitivity
Difficulty controlling movement
Previous traumatic dental experiences
Discomfort sitting for long periods of time

This is a short list and doesn’t include all of the reasons for sedation dentistry, but if you have extreme dental anxiety, then it is probably time for you to look into this modern form of dental care. When choosing a qualified sedation dentist, you should find out about these points:

  • Training, education, and continuing education they’ve participated in
  • Experience with dental sedation (number of cases)
  • What types of sedation they perform

You owe this to yourself. You can avoid so much discomfort and anxiety and never have to wake up with an aching tooth again. Call 559-435-3113 today for a consultation or to learn more.

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