Has Your Preschooler Seen A Dentist?

If it’s been a long time since your young one has visited a dentist, or if they haven’t gone to one at all, we strongly encourage visiting us at Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno CA, as soon as possible.

A child’s body has a way of warning parents that they should attend their first appointment; the teeth will erupt, which is generally a surefire sign to schedule one. Though this might seem a bit too early for a dentist to be of use, it is actually the most effective way for your child to get a good head start on their dental health journey.

At our practice, we can analyze and evaluate the status of your child’s teeth and oral biome. Establishing a base will make it easier to identify problems, and even treat them before they properly develop. Research is important, especially if you’re a new parent. Make sure to brush up on appropriate oral hygiene before imparting that knowledge on your infant.

How? Lead by example. If your child sees you taking care of your teeth, they’ll be more predisposed to developing good dental habits. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, parents should begin bringing their children to the dentist before the third birthday.

Here are some of the risk factors. They’re good reasons to bring your child in as early as possible.

  • Constantly drinking juice and soda
  • Bringing a bottle to bed
  • Sucking thumbs or fingers
  • Oddly shaped or developed teeth
  • Bruxism

Bring any and all questions to our dental experts at Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno. We offer a host of services, including family and cosmetic dentistry. Contact us today and find out how we can help!

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