Why Sports Drinks Put Teeth At Risk In Fresno

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Most health-conscious individuals in the Fresno, Clovis, and Medera areas exercise regularly, and many turn to sports drinks for hydration. While it’s true that sports drinks help maintain electrolyte levels in the body (and pose fewer health risks than energy drinks), their acidity can erode tooth enamel. And when tooth enamel erodes, those pearly whites are more […]

The Dangers of Oral Piercing

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The Dangers of Oral Piercing

If you live in the Fresno area and are considering puncturing your lip or tongue, read this: Infection Your mouth is full of bacteria. Any opening in the tissue carries the risk of infection. The germs from your tongue and mouth can easily get into your bloodstream. Fresno dentists and doctors are continually treating serious infections caused […]

Mirelez Wellness Dental on Jaw Bone Deterioration

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Jaw Bone Deterioration

To remain dense, your jaw bone requires the continual stimulation and pressure of chewing, biting and talking. Each of your teeth has a root structure attached to the surrounding bone material. As each tooth absorbs the forces of everyday mouth function, it stimulates the bone to which the root is attached. When a tooth is […]

Oral Conscious Sedation In Fresno

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Oral Conscious Sedation

Some people experience severe anxiety when undergoing dental treatment. With oral conscious sedation, it is possible to relax during dental procedures instead of being tense and fearful. Oral sedation dentistry, relaxation dentistry, conscious sedation, and anxiety-free dentistry are all terms used to describe this type of treatment. In addition to alleviating anxiety, oral conscious sedation […]

How Long Should You Brush?

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Did you remember that brushing and flossing fights bad breath and removes stains? If you have persistent stains that brushing can’t remove, get your teeth bleached at Mirelez Wellness Dental for a dazzling, stain-free smile. The American Dental Association recommends two minutes as a minimum time for brushing. Most men and women think they brush that […]

Is Sedation Dentistry In Fresno Right For You?

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Is Sedation Dentistry Right For You Cary?

When you think about going to a dental appointment, does it send you into a cold sweat? If this is true, you may suffer from a common phobia of the dentist. You probably know, however, that if you don’t go, you are liable to wake up in the middle of the night with intense dental pain. Most […]