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Hello to our valued Mirelez Wellness Dental patients! If you haven’t stopped by our blog in a while, we welcome you. It has been a great month at our Fresno dentistry practice.

We continue to achieve fantastic results with our precision smile makeovers. Dr. Mirelez has been skillfully using veneers, porcelain crowns, short term braces, teeth whitening, dental bridges, gum grafting, crown lengthening, and dental bonding to create unbelievably beautiful smiles. If you would like a perfect smile, call us at 559-435-3113 today to schedule a smile design consultation.

Our cosmetic dentistry patients have absolutely no regrets about their investment in a remarkable smile. “Wow! That was fast! Wow! That was painless. Wow! My smile is amazing!”

There are few physical features (okay, maybe your hair) that can be transformed as quickly as your smile —just think of how long it takes to tighten your abs or lose weight. Dramatic improvements can sometimes be achieved in just one visit.

If you have never seen photos of some of our smile redesign patients, you are probably not aware of how dramatic the results can be. There is virtually no dental issue that can’t be improved with unprecedented cosmetic dentistry at Mirelez Wellness Dental.

All in one location, one doctor, one appointment -Dr. Art Mirelez

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