Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

Dental Bonding for Teeth in Fresno

Teeth bonding services in Fresno at Mirelez Wellness Dental near ClovisA bright and beautiful smile can be dimmed by one imperfect tooth. Patients with one or more stained, chipped, cracked, or crooked teeth should know that there is a simple solution- cosmetic bonding.

Dr. Mirelez, DDS, can quickly and painlessly restore the natural beauty of your smile with teeth bonding. During this procedure, your dentist will gently paint a thin coating of plastic resin over damaged or dull teeth. Dental bonding will make the affected tooth appear virtually indistinguishable from your natural pearly whites!

The teeth bonding procedure is usually a single-appointment process that can be completed in an hour or less. Dental bonding also strengthens the teeth while they improve their appearance. To learn more about cosmetic teeth bonding with Dr. Mirelez, call us for a cosmetic consultation today.

Transforming Your Smile with Dental Bonding Near Clovis

How can you change your smile with such a simple procedure? You can:

Cosmetic dental bonding for teeth in Fresno and Clovis

Restructure a Malformed Tooth | If you have a tooth of unusual shape, you can make it fit in with your smile with cosmetic bonding. Teeth bonding will give the teeth a full and appealing shape that will last for years.

Close Spaces | Do you have a noticeable gap between your teeth? Some patients may be able to forego braces or and choose dental bonding to close the gaps in their teeth instead.

Rebuild a Worn Down or Broken Tooth | Chipped, broken, or worn down teeth can be strengthened and repaired with tooth bonding. Cosmetic dental bonding will give your teeth a great aesthetic and reduce any sensitivity or pain you may have been experiencing before.

Straighten Crowded Teeth | If you have teeth that are crowded or overlapped, teeth bonding may be an effective solution. Cosmetic bonding can create the illusion that you’ve already worn braces, and you’re now enjoying a perfect smile!

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Cosmetic tooth bonding is a conservative procedure with natural results. To find out more, please contact our office today! We proudly serve patients from all over the Fresno, CA area, including Clovis, CA.