You Don’t Have to Live With Bad Breath

bad breath treatment Fresno

Chronic bad breath can happen even when you do everything right: brushing and flossing after meals, using mouthwash, and having regular checkups at Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno CA. If you are doing everything right but still coping with bad breath, don’t make any changes right away. Brushing longer and more forcefully isn’t likely to […]

Why Is Dry Mouth Risky For Your Teeth?

Why Is Dry Mouth Dangerous For Fresno Dental Patients?

A condition known as dry mouth is fairly common, and has some common causes. It can be really uncomfortable, and can also pose a threat to your dental health. Here are some tips from Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno CA. The medical term for dry mouth is xerostomia, which is pronounced zero-STO-me-ah. Some of its […]

Is It Growing In Your Mouth?

Plaque is that filmy stuff that forms on teeth. Since it is caused by the breakdown of the foods we eat, plaque formation is a constant process. And that’s why we keep reminding our patients to brush and floss twice a day, at Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno CA. The plaque process goes something like […]

Is Your Mouth Sore Something Serious?

One of our most important roles at Mirelez Wellness Dental in Fresno CA is to help our patients maintain the best possible dental health. Regular cleanings and checkups are essential. Some of our patients have problems with mouth sores, which is the topic of this message. If you have a mouth sore that lasts more […]